Advanced aromatherapeutic aufguss

An advanced course for those who already have experience with essential oils and want to focus on an aromatherapy based health support.
On completion of this course the saunamaster will be able to create aromatherapy sessions and to undertake and hereby provide the necessary information about the specific choice of essential oils and their impact on the organism.
– Brief recap of the basic course
– Advanced chemistry of essential oils, how they look and how they move
– Molecule groups and their effects
– Discussion of the human body and the effects of etheric oils on the respiratory system, immune system, cleanse, relax, balance and stimulate
– Discussion of various essential oils and their impact on the organism
– Creation of seasonal aromathrapeutic sessions
– Harmonized blending of essential oils for show aufguss
– Use of herbs and plant material in aufguss
– Practice

Duration: 2 days
Price: 250€
You will receive a coursemanual and certificate of participation