About us

Loylymasters started out in 2012 from 2 passionate saunamasters with a clear vision. We believe that sauna is inherently a health supportive ritual and therefore we work only with natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, hydrosols, pirtsbranches and all that nature can offer us. That's why we offer a wide range of natural products and in addition, we support the sauna masters through training and give them new ideas allowing them to bring their aufguss sessions to a higher level.


We believe that a a good aufguss master and his/her sessions have the following qualities:

Total experience

A good aufguss contains triggering all the scenses. We create an atmosphere by combining the right amount of lights, sound, heat, fragrances and techniques. When everything fits according to the emotion you want to bring, you will take your guests with you in an ultimate experience.

A natural experience

We believe that the sauna round and with that the aufguss has an natural origin. Essential oils, herbs, branches, etc support the health and wellbeing of our costumers. That's why we choose to work only with natural products. We also believe that a good aufgussmasters has a basic training in aromatherapy, knows how to use essential oils and knows how to create new fragrances.


Our guests in the sauna are completely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the saunamaster. This is why we believe that a good saunameester knows what he's doing. This means that he knows what is happening with the body in a session, how a guest should cool down and has a basic knowledge of first aid so he can help a guest in case of emergency. A good saunameester begins well prepared to his session, is humble but confident and looks classy.


We strongly encourage aufgussmasters to join an association, to participate in championships and to go do sessions in other wellnesscenters. By meeting other aufgussmasters you expand your knowledge, ideas and techniques and contribute to the professionalization of your wellnessector.


Martijn Vanhoorelbeke

Training, development, administration, sales

Martijn is an aromatherapist and herbalist. He also graduated as an 'instructor for the Cron4 school for aufgussmasters' in Italy. In 2013 he became 5th in the Dutch championships and in 2014 became 1st Belgian. In 2014 he became 1st place Aufguss Belgium championships in single and in 2015 he had first and second place in team and ended up 4th and 6th place in the Aufguss World Championships. In 2016 he became again first in team and qualified for the Aufguss-WM 2016 at Satama, Berlin. Currently, Martijn is head of the Jury for Aufguss-WM and board member for Sauna Herbal Cup.

Jurgen De Meester

Training & development

Jurgen is an industrial engineer chemistry and works for many years as a productdevoloper for tastes and scents. In 2013 he became first in the Dutch aufguss championships for team aufguss and became 3th for his solo aufguss. in 2015 he became first in single and team Belgian qualification of the World chamionships Aufguss-WM.