Master of Aufguss Certification

In this practical two day course, where you can learn the basic principles of this art, we focus on safety, hygiene, techniques and diverse experiences.

Do you want to update the techniques used on your sauna, or are planning to hire an aufguss master? Löylymasters can give you advice, make eventual adjustments, and lead your staff. Besides that, we also create professional aufguss sessions focused on aromatherapy: purifying, revitalizing or invigorating, depending on the season and on the current needs of the body.

During this practical course you learn the following:

  • The history of sauna and löyly
  • Sauna sessions
  • Effects of sauna on the body
  • Sauna and health
  • The use of essential oils
  • Creation of aufguss sessions
  • Waving techniques
  • Types of aufguss sessions
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Practical elaboration of an aufguss session


1-full-day (6 hours). Day 1 is reserved for the theoretical part of the course. In the afternoon, We practice. Day 2 we have again some theory, In the afternoon everyone will prepare and demonstrate their own session


once the course is finished, it is possible to practice further with different aufguss masters.


€ 400 per person. Course map included.
25% Cashback of the total amount for buying sauna products.

This workshop is given by Jurgen Demeester and/or Martijn Vanhoorelbeke.