Loylymasters supports sauna masters in their professional aufguss experience. We believe that sauna is inherently a health-supportive ritual and therefore we work only with natural ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, hydrosols, pirts branches, and all that nature can offer us.

The basics of the aufguss is the classic aufguss. A good aufguss is a total experience of the senses, which can be influenced by various elements such as heat rising, heat distribution and waves, fragrance and body experience, light (could come from a fireplace), sound (can be silence) and the sauna master himself.

During our training, we analyze every element step by step to optimize these in your aufguss.

Our expertise lies primarily in the fragrance -and body experience where we introduce the sauna masters with natural rituals like using essential oils, using herbal combinations, creating fragrance-experiences, creating health-supportive sessions for airways and immunity, working with pirts branches, making herbal peelings, working with various types of salt, clay, hydrosols, base oils, a harmonious combination of essential oils and create new synergies, use of thermotherapy and seasonally focused sessions on what the body needs at various times of the year.

Professionalism is knowing what you’re doing. Your guests will receive a unique experience that allows them to leave the sauna with a wow feeling and a smile on their faces.

Master of Aufguss Certification

In this three-day course, we train our aufguss masters in the basic principles in the art of aufguss. The program includes topics such as safety, hygiene, basic aromatherapy, techniques, and the key issues to professional experiences. This course is based on the Cron 4 Ideology. The next course will be held at June 2020 in Belgium in cooperation with 3xworld champion aufguss Rob Keijzer. click here for more info on this course

Loylymasters Experience trainings

Course 1: Working with essential oils in sauna (Level 1)

The perfect course for those who want to start working with essential oils in the sauna in a professional way.
After finishing this course, the sauna master can use essential oils correctly, he/she can create naturally aufgusses and he/she can provide the necessary information on the used essential oils and their work on the organism.


• Philosophy of natural sauna

• History

• Distillation process

• Molecular groups & decription of 10 most common molecules

• Effects on the human body

• Correct use in aufguss procedure

• Scent notes, strength

• Creating creative aufguss & working with Loylymasters Aufguss App

• Creating new fragrance/harmonized blending

• Practice of aufguss

Included: Coursebook, certificate

Next German Course:

- 02-03/03/2020: Monte Mare Andernach (DE)

- 04-05/08/2020: Bädergarten EIbenstock (DE)

- 12-13/10/2020: Aquariohm (DE)

Next English Course:

To Be Announced

Contact: [email protected] for more info

Course 2: Creating total-experiences in sauna (Level 2)

We believe a professional sauna master does with the elements that a sommelier does with his wine. He creates an experience based on product knowledge, creativity, and professionalism and takes his/her guests as a host into a total experience of the senses.

During this intensive, practical course we will study the basic health-supporting effects of sauna and see how we can enhance these effects by using the herbal properties of 22 selected plants.

We will learn to extract their ingredients (essential oils, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, etc…), use their specific properties to create a combination of aufguss, scrubs, tonics, herbal tea’s, etc and pair them into a total experience of the senses with a specific goal or theme.


• Chemistry of plants

• Description of 22 plants and their ingredients/proporties

• Working towards specific goal

• Creating a total experience of the senses with aufguss, scrubs, tonics & tea's by pairing different products.

• Practice in sauna

Included: Coursebook, certificate

Next English Course:

- 18-19/01/2020: Hungary

- 28-29/03/2020: Thermen Bussloo (NL)

- 23-24/05/2020: Asmana Wellness World (IT)

Next German Course:

- 06-O7/10/2020: Bädegarten Eibenstock (DE)

Contact: [email protected] for more info

Course 3: Steam Room Rituals

Level 1: Steam room rituals is the perfect course for those who want to start offering professional experiences in the steam room. The second day of the course is focused on one of the worlds best kept ancient bathing rituals: the authentic ritual of hammam.

After finishing this course, the sauna master will be able to create unique wellness experiences, both public experiences and small group treatments using the steam room.

He/She will be able to inform the wellness guests about the history and tradition of hammam treatment.

He/She will be able to prepare and will be able to inform about the products used during the treatment and their effect on the skin.

He/she will learn the different phases of the steam room ritual.

He/She will have a deeper understanding of the effects of the steam room on the body.

He/She will have a particular deeper understanding of the purification & detoxification benefits. To to do so he/she will learn different exfoliation methods, and masks.

He/She will be able to make a professional choice of products and enhance the natural benefits of the steam bath for wellness guests.

Contents include:

• Anatomy;

• Various steam bath or sauna skin treatments;

• Working with basic natural products, such as salt, herbs, carrier oils, essential oils, hydrolats, honey, clay and learning about their positive influence on the human body.

• Creating natural scrubs and their effects;

• Practical experiences with white clay, honey and hydrolats;

• Creating natural treatments.

Included: Coursebook, certificate

Next English Course:

- 22-23/02/2020: Elaisa Energetic Wellness (BE)

Contact: [email protected] for more info

Next German Course:

- 19-20/05/2020: DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof (IT)

Contact: [email protected] for more info

Course 4: Smoke rituals

A perfect course for aufguss masters who like to upgrade their relax or
meditation sessions with a smoke ritual. After the completion, the aufguss master can
create new smoke scents and integrate different smoke rituals into his sessions,
as well as provide necessary information about the choice of natural products
and their effects on the human body.


· History of smoke ritual (origin, spirituality,
economic factor)

· Health and smoke (Smoke as medicine,

· Methods for burning herbs (powders,
cones, charcoal, fresh plants, Etc.)

· Composing scents (Scentgroups,
male-female scents, structure scent complexity)

· Excipients (gum, resin, honey,etc.)

· Substances in the burning process
(Olivetol, verbenol)

· Aromatic herbs (herbs, woods, resins,

· Recipes

· Breathing techniques

· Working with ethnical instruments in sauna & soundrelaxation

Included: Coursebook, certificate

Next English Course:

- 07-08/03/2020: Elaisa Energetic Wellness (BE)

Next German Course:

28-29/01/2020: Monte Mare Obertshausen (DE)

- 18-19/02/2020: Westbad Regensburg (DE)

- 14-15/03/2020: DolceVita Hotel Lindenhof (IT)

- 01-02/04/2020: Bädegarten EIbenstock (DE)

Next Level 2 Course

- German: 24-25/03/2020: Monte Mare Obertshausen

- English: 25-26/04/2020:Thermen Bussloo (NL)

In association with Bädercoach

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