Loylymasters, part of Aromen Aromatherapy offers you a extensive range of natural products. Through our own experience in wellnesscenters, we’ve created insight in your needs and demands. We supply you with the right materials with every step you take. From the aufguss to relaxmoments and treatments. Loylymasters selects natural products based on a perfect price-quality.

A selection of our products:

- A wide range of high quality essential oils, conventional & bio*. They are selected on an excellent price-performance ratio. Suitable for use in the sauna, in treatments and evaporation in the relaxation areas.

- Branches for banya or Pirts

- Carrier Oils: conventional & bio*

- Herbs

- Hydrosols: conventional & bio*

- Herbal infusions/tea

- Natural incense

- Aromatherapeutic steambath products

- Herbal mixes

- Accessories for aufguss

Professionalize the health supporting effects and the experience of your aufguss sessions by using 100% natural products. From our range, multiple sessions can be combined where the qualitative effects of the products are guaranteed.
Our products provide a professional and totally natural experience to your wellnesscenter.

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Essential oils

Banya/Pirts branches

Herbs & herbal mixes/tea

Carier oils & hydrosols

Natural cosmetics

Resin & smoke scents

*Bio Certification

Our organic essential oils, hydrolats and carrier oils are certified by BE-BIO-01 Certisys. Click on the BIO label to download our certificate.

How to order?

Create an account at www.aromen-wellness.com. Within 1 workday we will validate your account.